Welcome to Summers Quilt Studio!

My name is Lyn Summers and I am a professional longarm quilter. Your quilt will be quilted on a 2014 Innova 26″ with Mach 3 Auto Pilot. This is the best longarm on the market and I am proud to be part of the Innova family. I love my Innova and her name is Birdie.

I have been quilting for over 20 years and my first quilt was a “Gone Fishing” wall hanging for my firstborn. It had templates and everything. It came out beautiful and I quilted fishing lines, hooks and even worms on it! Looking back, I realize that I was quilting “thread art” on my domestic machine before I had ever seen others do it. I just thought that is what the quilt needed. Another surprise was my first born was a beautiful little girl!

Lyn Summers, professional longarm quilter.

Quilting Is In My History

I come from a long line of quilters, dressmakers, and interior decorators. Of course, that is not what they called themselves. They called themselves Mom, Grandma, and Aunt, but that is what they truly were when they made their own covers, clothes, and curtains. Everything was custom made to fit the bed, the person or the house. Children grew up under ceiling mounted quilt frames that were brought down by pulleys. Daughters learned from mothers and the tradition continues today.

Today, technology has sped things up. Our lives are busier than ever and everything seems faster. Summers Quilt Studio is here to help you get those gorgeous quilt tops finished on my computerized longarm quilting machine. I love everything about quilting and have held numerous quilt guild/club positions in several states. I have taught all facets of quilting/piecing and machine quilting. Your quilt top will be treated like it is my own and I do believe in the saying that “the quilting makes the quilt.”

I'm Back Home

I have lived all over the country and am proud to be back home in the beautiful Southern Appalachian mountains. Summers Quilt Studio is located on Walden’s Ridge in Dayton, Tennessee. Dayton, Tennessee is located just north of Chattanooga and famous for the 1925 Scopes Trial (original courtroom and courthouse), Annual Strawberry Festival and The Trail of Tears.

That’s enough about me, tell me all about your quilt! Who is it for? How big is it? Did you try a new technique?

I am always available to help you through the quilting process. I’m here to make it easy for you. You have already put tons of time, effort and love into your quilt top.



"Mrs. Summers has done at least 10 quilts for me over the last year and I couldn't be happier with her work. She picks out great designs to compliment my quilts and returns them in a timely manner."

— Janice Mickel
Dayton, TN

"I was hesitant to ship a quilt to someone I couldn't meet first. I wasn't happy with the quality of work from my local longarmers, so I took a chance. SOOOO glad that I did! The quilting Lyn did was so fantastic that I have sent her three more! Thank you Lyn for helping me create beautiful gifts for my loved ones!."

— Kim S
Orlando, FL

"Lyn, the work you did on my 2 quilts was wonderful. Both myself and my daughter were so pleased. The quilts turned out even better than we had imagined. Thank you so much."

— Charlotte Gotthard
Dayton, TN